Playing Outside in a Winter Wonderland

Living in the south we don’t get a lot of snow, but when we do everything shuts down, and the roads are not safe to drive.    I am not a cold weather person but even I love the way the world looks after a fresh snowfall and I love to watch my family enjoy the snow.   When I was a kid in Canada I did like to play in the snow and go sledding but even then I didn’t enjoy the cold at all and was more than happy when it was time to come in.

image of mother and son in the snow

In Tennessee there are some years when we don’t get much snow at all, so everyone get very excited when there is a large snowfall like this season.   I took a walk around my property and took some photos of our winter wonderland.

image of a red barn in the snow

image of a frozen pond

Don’t forget to capture your home and yard and how they look in  each of the seasons.


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