Take Your Own Family Christmas Photos

With all the things to do and money that is spent during the holiday season, you can save yourself a little stress and money by taking your own holiday photos.   It takes so much effort to dress your kids up, drive to the studio hoping they stay neat  and trying to get them to smile and behave for a stranger.   Why not try to take your own holiday photo?

image of little boy in red christmas outfit

One of the big differences between studio photos and snapshots is  the background and the props.   You can create this studio look in you own home with just a little bit of setup.   Use a white sheet or blank wall for a clutter free background, make sure your room is well lit, move extra lamps in the room if you need more light, and take your time, studios take a lot of shots and different poses not just one.

I took about a hundred shots and got maybe 20 out of this session with a very active not interested toddler.   To add a more festive touch to your photo add some of your decorations.   Have them play with ball ornaments (unbreakable large ones are the best) and sit on or in colorful wrapped boxes.

And one more advantage to taking your own Christmas photos is that you have the time to make it more fun and playful which can result in some cool photos.   Grandson started throwing the ornaments and in the 2nd photo I managed to snap it right before he hit me right in the head (very thankful for Styrofoam balls)

image of a boy holding christmas balls


image of a boy throwing a christmas ball



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