Be Creative When Taking Your Christmas Photos

During the holidays, you usually take a lot of photos.  The family gets together and everyone is dressed and acting their best.  Be creative and have fun.   As well as taking photos of family, the  presents, decorations,  food and lights, can add lots of color and interest to your photo story of the holiday.

image of baby's 1st christmas

Of course the most important thing to take photos of during the holidays is the family. This is the perfect time to take a family group photos. All you really need is a tripod and the timer on your camera. Put the camera on the tripod, set everyone up in front of the tree or other pretty location, leaving room for you to get into the shot, without making everyone move, then check the position in the camera, turn on the timer, get in place and smile. Take a few different shots. I also like to take an individual of my children (now my grandchildren) every year so I can see how they have grown.

It is so fun to look thru my Christmas album and see how different everyone looks from year to year, here is my  family years ago.     (not very creative photos)  Where does the time go?

image of family at Christmas with new baby

image of family at christmas

 It is also interesting to see the change in your decor and holiday decorations and even your photography skills.

These are a few things to include in your Christmas images that will work with a child or pet.  Put them in a decorated box, large gift bag or even a large stocking.   Have them play with tinsel, ornaments (non glass) or other holiday decor.  Place them standing or sitting by the tree.

Start your story with the preparation and decorating.  Make sure you take a photo of your decorated room and your outdoor decorations in daylight and at night.  Don’t forget your holiday table and your decorated cookies and gingerbread house.   Try to take a least one photo of each person opening a gift.  Have a list of the photos you want to take beforehand so you can enjoy the day and not spend time worrying about what photos you should take.  Taking photos should be enjoyable not add stress to your day.



Be Creative When Taking Your Christmas Photos — 4 Comments

  1. I think I’d be happy if I just remembered to bring my camera out. Lots of good info here, how do you manage to keep all of those photos organized?

  2. Bridget on said:

    Carol, I keep my photos organized in files on my computer by year and in each year file they are broken down by month and even each month is broken down by different events etc. This makes it much easier if you need to find a picture from a previous year’s holiday, you just go to that year and open the holiday folder.

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