9 Tips for taking better Toddler Pictures

This is a video of me trying to take photos in my home studio of my almost 2 year old grandson, he is non-stop and will not sit and pose nicely for gramma anymore and yet I was still able to get some cute pictures.

If you are trying to take photos of  a toddler there are a 9 tips that can make your photo session a little more productive.  The main thing is don’t expect them to sit and pose for you and get upset when they don’t, I know there are some Toddlers that are absolute angels, but even the best behaved don’t sit still for very long.

1. The best way to deal with a Toddler is just to give them lots of different things to distract them and take pictures as fast as you can while they play.

2. Sit on the floor close to them with your camera and just take lots of shots, don’t wait for them to do something cute or look at you, most of your shots will probably be junk, but you will get some good ones.

3. It is a must to have someone else there to help you with the cute little bundle of energy, to try to keep them in your camera view and not climbing the wall.

4. Be calm and don’t have a rushed photo session, you can still make clothing changes and try different things, just allow your toddler to set the pace and work with their mood and cooperation.

5. Having toys to play with and fun props to climb or sit on will help.

6. You are trying to capture them at this stage of life, a photo of them making faces might be a very accurate picture of the way they act every day, and you want to remember these funny things.

7. Don’t try out new poses or camera settings, equipment etc. on toddlers, it will be hard enough to keep them from being distracted and you must be able to shoot quickly.

8. Watch for distracting items in your background, take closeup’s to cut out the background.

9. The best lighting to use is natural light but trying to keep a toddler from running off when you are outside is not the easiest way to take photos, so near a large window in a well lit room will help your photos look better then using your flash.

Here are some of the photos I managed to get out of a very active photo session.

image of a toddler on ladder

I have one light in my studio so I used sunlight coming in from the window to balance my light.



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  1. Such a cute little guy. Hope he keeps that hair when he grows up.

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