My Daughter Is Engaged

It has become very popular to have engagement photos, but why?

My beautiful daughter is getting married next year and I just took some engagement photos for her.

image of the engagement kiss

When I was married (a very long time ago) people did not take engagement photos, but now it a common thing to do. It can be an added expense but if you can add them to the wedding budget I recommend getting them done. If you can’t hire a professional try to have some photos taken by a friend or family member who can take decent photos, just remember unless you have someone that really knows what they are doing you may be stuck with photos you don’t really like.

But still why do you need Engagement photos? You will be having lots of photos taken of the two of you at your wedding, so why do you need more? Here are my three reasons why you should.

 The number one reason is to tell your story as a couple. Most couples don’t have a lot of photos taken of themselves together and this is the time to start taking them, at the beginning of your life together. Your photos can be taken to show where you met, your favorite park or restaurant, or some other location that means something to the two of you.   My daughter and her hubby to be are both very natural, jeans and t-shirt kind of people so their photos are very natural and show who they are, and where they met. When taking your engagement photos leave the dressed up photos for your wedding day, unless you always spend half a day getting ready to go out.

 Number two reason is so you will have a nice photo to use in your invitation, save the date card or for your wedding website if you have one. There are also events during the pre-wedding time that you will want to have a photo of the two of you, you can use one at your bridal shower or for your newspaper announcement. If you are going to be showing your photos to lots of people you want them to look good.

Number three reason is to let you practice taking photos together, being comfortable and relaxed and if you use the same Photographer being able to get to know them in a more relaxed setting. My daughter is using a friend for her wedding photographer and I have been told I am not allowed to bring a camera to the wedding, but she did let me take her engagement photos which was lots of fun.  Your engagement photos should be low stress and fun, save the perfection for your wedding day.



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  1. Good points and very nice pics of the happy couple. My favorite reason is number 2. I hadn’t thought about how useful photos could be for those times.

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