Experimenting With Black and White Photography

Old Photos were always black and white and if you want to create the feel of a timeless photo black and white is a perfect option. There are many photographers who still prefer black and white all the time, but personally I like color.  I see the world in brilliant color and I use photography to capture the beauty I see, so I like my photos to be as natural as possible. There are times I like black and white but most of the time I prefer color.

Here is a photo of my hubby and 1st grandchild, this is such a classic moment that I think it works really well as a black and white photo.

image of man and new baby

This photo is one of my grandson and it is cute in black and white but I prefer it in color

image of a child in black and white

 in black and white you don’t notice the beautiful blue eyesimage of a child in color

There are times when black and white can add drama to a slightly boring picture like this one

image of an old shack in black and white

No matter what style you like, it is best to shot in color and convert to black and white with a photo editing program.



Experimenting With Black and White Photography — 1 Comment

  1. I like both although for some reason I think my favorite is black and white. I don’t know if it’s because it seems so dramatic or what. But you are right about color with certain photos, I sure wouldn’t want to miss those blue eyes.

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