Photography tips for better vacation photos

 Can you tell what is wrong with this photo?

image of a civil war monument in Chattanooga TnThis is a very common photography mistake that I am guilty of and I see other people doing all the time.  You try to take a photo of a family member standing in front of a monument so you position them near the monument or scenic spot and then you move way back and take the shot so you can get the whole scene in, the problem is, as you can tell in this shot, the person becomes so tiny that you have no idea who you are looking at.

The way to solve this and still be able to show that you were in Chattanooga at the civil war monuments, is to stand back but have your subject stand close to you so the focus of the shot is on them with the monument in the background such as this example of the pyramid in Mexico.

image of man in front of the pyramid at Chichen Itza in Mexico

I love to travel, a new location is a great place to take photos. There are tourist attractions, monuments, local flowers, people etc. to take photos of. When you travel, don’t bring so much stuff that it is awkward to get around. I like the quality of my digital SLR but it is a heavy camera to lug around, so I take a small point and shoot camera with me as well in case I am going to be doing a lot of walking. I bring a general purpose lens and leave all my extra accessories at home. Always make sure you back extra batteries and your charger and if you want a tripod they have small portable ones. I also have a camera bag that will hold my wallet and cell phone etc. so I don’t have to carry a purse as well as a camera bag. And remember to enjoy your travels and don’t get caught up in taking photos and forget to just look at the beauty around you.


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