Photographing Children- Capture Real Life

image of a girl with a catMy favorite photos of the grandkids are the ones I took of them while they were playing and not the perfect image taken at the photo studio. These are the images of real life that you connect with that cause you to remember the moments.

With 4 children and now 6 grandchildren, I have taken a ton of images of children.  The one main thing I have learned from all my years of trying to photograph the cute, frustrating little darlings, is that most of the time a  posed shot is not going to happen and they don’t usually want you to take their photo.

To be successful capturing great images of children it is very important to be calm, relaxed, and not rushed for time. If a child is cranky you can still get a great image but don’t pester and try to get them to pose or smile for the camera it will just make them in a worse mood. You want your photos to tell a story or portray an emotion. Capture the moment, and at the moment your cute darling may be a little bit of a brat, but this is real life.

image of a little boy trying to headstand

Children rarely like to co-operate, they don’t want to sit how you want to pose them, they won’t wait for a countdown to say cheese (usually) and they have an attention span of about 5 seconds.  I like to take my time, I sit on the floor with my camera, give them props to sit on or play with and just snap away. You are trying to capture the child and the best way to see their personality is to let them play.  Posed photos can be cute but they don’t usually show much personality.

image of a child having a tea party

If you are interested in child photography practice taking images of  children or your friends children is one of the best ways. Most parents are so stressed for time that they would love for someone else to take their child’s photos.



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