29 Easy Photo Poses To Try With Your Children

image of siblingsChild photography is something you love or you hate.  I personally love it.  Of course it helps that I have the cutest grandkids in the world.  You need to be very calm and relaxed to enjoy taking photos of children.  As I have said in a prior post it is easiest to take photos of kids while they are playing, but there are still times that you want to have the posed photos to send to Grandma etc.

When you are doing posed photos, do not try to take them when your child is sleepy, hungry or just plain not in a good mood, and keep the session short, the younger they are the less time you will have to work with them, be flexible with the poses you want and try to keep them relaxed and happy.    It is very helpful if you have someone that can interact with the kids, get them to smile etc., so the photographer can concentrate on taking the photo, usually with kids there are not many second chances, you have to be ready to take the shot.

Here is a list of some cute kid poses.

Place an infant on a beanbag chair with their sibling leaning on the chair beside them.
Older sibling sitting on the floor holding the younger child in their lap.
Little girls sitting on an old suitcase while wearing big vintage style hats.
A Little girl sitting on the floor with her dress spread around her, hands in her lap holding flowers.
Newborn baby looking over mother’s shoulder.
Children in a family sitting in a row.
Children in a family lying on their stomach leaning up on their elbows.
Infant crawling toward the camera.
Child sitting holding  a book.
Infant wrapped up in a blanket.
Child sitting on a riding toy or rocking horse.
Infant sitting in an old bowl, basin or large basket.
Infant just learning to stand holding mom’s hand while standing between her legs.
Child on mom or dad’s back looking over their shoulder.
Child sitting with stuffed animals.
Child sitting in a cute little chair or a really large one.
Child standing or sitting with arms crossed.
Child sitting on mom’s lap.
Child standing holding a ladder or chair.
Child standing by a window holding the window sill and looking at the camera.
Siblings back to back sitting or standing.
Child sitting down on one knee or both.
Child laying on their side head propped up on their elbow.
Little girl holding a parasol.
Infant sitting leaning on a large football helmet.
Little girls sitting at a table set for a tea party.
Little girl with her dolls.
Infant sitting against a very large stuffed animal.
Infant lying on the floor surrounded by dolls and stuffed animals.



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  2. What a post!! Very informative also easy to understand. Looking for more such writeups!! Do you have a myspace?
    I recommended it on digg. The only thing that it’s missing is a bit of speed, the pictures are appearing slowly. However thank you for this information.

  3. bjgsix on said:

    thanks, glad you enjoyed my post. I don’t use myspace. I know the photos seen to be a little slow in loading but I am not really sure how to speed them up.

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