Do you Know your Family History?

image of 4 childrenDo you know your family history?   Will your Grandkids know yours? There are many ways to preserve the past for future generations, for me and my family it will be mostly a story told thru photos.   I use my  photos to make scrapbooks that  tell our family’s story.    Photos  help you remember more details when you are trying to write a family history and add more interest.   My Grandkids will be able to look thru our albums and see where we lived, where we vacationed, things we did, etc. As well as creating family albums of  me and my children, I have created a family history album with as much information as I could find about our family heritage.   Creating a family  book is sometimes hard to do if you have broken family trees to deal with,   I just used as much information as I could with the people that I could and didn’t worry about the rest.   I didn’t want to get too overwhelmed so I just went back to when our families immigrated (on my side to Canada, and on my husband’s to the US)

I was able to find some information about my family on some of the genealogy sites, there are some free ones like familysearch and there are ones like one great family and that charge a fee but they offer more on their site.   On  I have found copies of actual documents about my family such as my great-grandfather’s military enlistment papers.  Searching your family history is a time consuming project but can also be a lot of fun. The internet has made research so much easier and there are so many sites that are all about creating your family tree.

Writing your own story will make it easier on your future generations when they want to know about their great-great grandparents. Enjoy your family, the living most of all, but be proud of where you come from, brokenness and all.  And remember that a picture is worth a thousand words but a family history is best if you can create it with a mix of photos, stories and documents.



Do you Know your Family History? — 4 Comments

  1. I love your slideshow and appreciate all the information about creating family histories. One thing I like is knowing the relationships of people in old photos. For instance, it doesn’t do me any good to see that someone is an Aunt Martha if I have no idea where she is in relation to me. Does that make sense?

    If you don’t mind, I’m going to post this article on my blog as well. With proper reference back to your site, of course.

  2. Bridget on said:

    I know what you mean, I thought my family book made sense but I still have had people ask who someone was so I need to write beside each person that this is Bob’s Aunt etc. I don’t mind at all if you post this

  3. Bridget on said:

    thank you, I am glad you enjoy reading them.

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