Taking The Kids To The Aquarium

I love to go to aquariums and so do the grandkids, there isn’t one in the Nashville area but the Chattanooga and the Atlanta aquariums are only a short day trip.

The Georgia Aquarium is the world’s largest with over 8 million gallons of water – the top Atlanta attraction, right in the heart of downtown. There were so many different kinds of fish and the displays were very well done. It is a fun place to take photos, but taking photos in an aquarium is a little difficult, the lighting is not very good and you have to take photos thru thick not always clean glass.

image of fish in the Georgia aquarium

Take lots of photos and just keep trying, have lots of patience,  turn your flash off and try to keep your camera very steady and hold it against the glass to keep down the reflection. Turn up your ISO and use shutter priority or your camera’s sport/action mode (some of the new camera’s even have an aquarium mode)

image of a shark at the Georgia aquarium

 Another great aquarium is the Tennessee Aquarium in Downtown Chattanooga located on the Chattanooga Riverfront, it is a large place with lots of fish, a great penguin exhibit and also a butterfly room where you can get some great shots of flower’s and some nice close up’s of butterfly’s.

If you like Aquariums I highly recommend both the Atlanta and the Chattanooga.       the website for the Atlanta aquarium is  http://www.georgiaaquarium.org/                 the website for the Chattanoga aquarium is  http://www.tnaqua.org/Home.aspx


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