Visiting the Family and the Attractions in Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio is on the southern shore of Lake Erie and part of the Great Lakes Region. When planning our vacation, Cleveland Ohio is not usually a location we think of going to, but my husband’s brother lives there and it had been a long time since we visited, so off we went to Cleveland.   My daughter was on school vacation and wanted to do some fun things, as well as just visit with the family.

I was really surprised at the amount of tourist attractions there were in Cleveland, and most of them are low cost and there are some free places like the art gallery, where I wanted to go but was out voted.  Instead we spent a day at lake Erie, which was not as cold as I expected and besides the muddy bottom you could almost feel like you were at the beach since you can’t see land on the other side.  It is actually a very pretty lake and we had a great day.

image of lake Erie

image of people in the lake at sunset

The next day we went to the Cleveland Zoo, it is a nice zoo with lots of animals, not the best zoo I have been to, but not the worst either.   We had a nice day, but there is a lot of walking there and the shuttle that will take you around the zoo was not running.  There are so many animals to take photos of at a zoo.   I took lots of photos, most of which I was highly disappointed in, and I realized I would not make a good wildlife photographer, but I enjoyed myself and have lots of  shots for my albums.

image of a polar bear at the Cleveland zoo

The place we all enjoyed much more than I expected was the Crawford Auto Aviation museum, it is a large 2 story building full of cars from the 1st models up to new cars.   The museum was almost empty and it is such a fantastic place, I don’t understand why more people don’t go there.   It was the largest car collection I have ever seen,  the guys loved it and I enjoyed taking photos of the cars  (photo hint- I forgot my polarize lens which would have helped with the light glare on the cars)

image of antique cars at the museum in Cleveland

So we had an enjoyable trip to a destination where I would have never expected anything but family visiting.

Next time you are in another city, check on the internet and see what there is to do there, you may be surprised at the tourism you find.


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