Christmas is all about the stories

Christmas has become a time of  stress for many people and over the years I have tried to keep it simple and peaceful so I can enjoy it more.   Christmas started because of a story that changed the world,  the stories of your life and mine will probably never even reach anyone outside of our family but they are still important stories to tell.    I am not really a scrapbooker but I do want to remember these stories so I try to jot down a few words about the story behind the image.

image of baby looking at christmas tree decorations

With the above photo, the story behind it is this:   I would love to have a fancy tree with glass ornaments but having 4 kids and now 6 grandkids I decorate my tree with a lot of really adorable stuffed ornaments which the kids love, this granddaughter loves to take them off the tree and hug them, and she has 3 favorites that she always takes down and leaves everything else alone  (nothing earth shattering but meaningful to our family)

This following photo just looks like my husband helping decorate the tree, no big deal right?  But the story is, he never helps decorate the tree but this was my 1st Christmas without any of my children helping me decorate (they have their own homes and trees to decorate) and I looked so depressed he decided to help me.

image of man decorating a christmas tree




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