Using Props When Taking Photos

Props aren’t necessary for a good photo but they are used because they can add interest to a photo and can help distract people from the camera and make them feel more comfortable. Props for kids give them something to do so they don’t try to get up and run off on you, and even most adults are more comfortable when they can sit in a chair or hold on to something.

You can be very creative when it comes to finding Photography Studio Props. You can use what you have around the house or if you are like me I love to go to antique stores to find props.   The dollar store is also a great place for props for kids photos, I purchased a cowboy hat and toy gun,  fireman hat, construction hard hat, little girl hats, purses and dress up shoes, stuffed animals and lots of other little things without having to spend much money.   There are 5 props that I use the most, a rocking horse, a white wicker table that doubles as a bench,  an old rustic step ladder, a large bean bag chair which is great for kids that don’t sit on their own yet,  and the kids favorite is a very big teddy bear.   If you enjoy collecting like I do you can incorporate these items into your photos, just remember props are not the focus of the photo but they can add some fun to your photos.

I have a closet in my home office/studio where I try to keep this stuff organized but it does tend to create some clutter so think about where you have room to store items before you buy a lot of props.   The little white table and chair I keep set up because I like the way it looks in the room, and the teddy bear and bean bag chair have a home in the family room.   Try to  find props that have a use for more than just an occasional photo.

Here are some photos of a few of my props

image of hats for photo props

image of chairs for photo props

image of stuffed animals for photo props

image of white table and chair

image of step ladder

here are some photos of the props in use

little boy standing

toddler sitting in chair

And sometimes a prop can be as simple and adorable as a shirt and glasses

little boy superman

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