Enjoy A Simple Thanksgiving

thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving is almost here for those of us in the USA.   I usually  host and this year is no different except that we have a smaller group than some years.   It is so easy to get caught up in wanting to have the perfect Norman Rockwell family Thanksgiving but the reality for most of us is something far different.   The more simple we make it and stop striving for perfection the happier we will be.

I love to decorate and always want to set an elaborate table but with more kids than adults and a husband who wants only food and not all that other crap on the table I have learned to keep my table simple, some years I even use (gasp) paper plates, we  use real dishes just because everyone complains that you can’t pile it on a paper plate.

Another way I have learned to keep Thanksgiving simple is by not trying to be fancy with the menu, we don’t do appetizers or have 20 different side dishes,  there are a few things that everyone really wants and we have done away with any of the extras.   To my family the turkey,  dressing and pie is the most important.    This is our very simple table last year (we actually need 2 tables to fit us all)

image of thanksgiving meal on the table

And here is the biggest menu we have ever used when we had a huge crowd, normally we just have Turkey, rolls, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole,  and pies ( which I also have purchased instead of baking)   I made this easy menu using a cheap metal tray and chalkboard paint.

thanksgiving menu

Our Thanksgiving day is loud ( I try to watch the parade while I cook, over the noise of the kids running around), messy and anything but relaxing so by keeping it simple it helps me keep my sanity.

And of course you know that I take photos all the time and I would love to say I capture the day beautifully but there have been many years that I am so overwhelmed I completely forget to even take out my camera.    Last year I was only able to capture a photo of the youngest grandchild and then things got crazy and I never did get photos of the other kids.  Oh well, hopefully I will get some this year.

baby 1st thanksgiving


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  1. Your simple meal still seems a little daunting to a non-cook like me. I love your tips for staying sane and your beautiful photos.

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