Taking a photo of baby in a pumpkin

I have been trying to decide on a cute theme photo to take of the Granddaughter this year.   Last fall I had seen a really cute photo of a baby sitting in a pumpkin and I decided to try it.   I would love to know if the photographer had as much trouble with his photo as we did.   1st thing we had trouble with was trying to get the pumpkin cut properly with the leg holes big enough and in a good place.   Then we had trouble getting baby in the pumpkin.

This was the test photo, she was not a happy baby.

image of a crying baby sitting in a pumpkin

 The photo is supposed to be a naked baby in the pumpkin so we took her out and undressed her for our final shot, I wasn’t even sure if we would be able to get anything but a screaming baby, so I knew I would have to be ready that I would probably only get one shot.   Mom placed the baby in the pumpkin and I took my shot and I was right she started screaming right away, we didn’t get a shot of a smiling baby but she wasn’t crying so we got a shot worth keeping.   I guess I can’t really be surprised that she wasn’t smiling, would you enjoy being put naked in a cold slimy pumpkin?

Here is our final photo

image of a baby sitting in a pumpkin




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  1. Place a small heater in the pumpkin and raise temperature to slightly above baby’s skin temp. and give her some of the warm guts to play with 1st.

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