Capturing Your Memories Of Fall

Fall is here and it’s the favorite time of year for a lot of people.    I do like fall because I can open windows and enjoy the fresh air, the light and the color of the trees are so beautiful.   The things I don’t like are the lack of light and the fact that fall comes before winter.  Also I like to swim and it is too cold to swim outside anymore.

I take photos of the grandkids all year and fall adds a little more interest to everyday photo of the kids.   Costumes, playing in the leaves and going to the pumpkin patch are just some of the fall activities to capture.

image of child sitting in fall leaves

I was trying to take a photo of the tree but Grandson decided he needed to be in the photo.

image of child standing under a fall tree

image of siblings at the pumpkin patch

image of baby sitting in a pumpkin patch

image of infant eating halloween candy

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