I Wrote My 1st Ebook

I have written a  book to help other non writers show their life story.   Everyone has a story to tell, but how do you tell that story if you are not a writer?  I wanted a way to be able to tell my story for future generations so I decided to show my story instead of writing it.   Instead of writing a typical autobiography I told my story using photos and journaling.

This book is full of questions and tips that I used to help create my story.  This is not a book on how to scrapbook but how to create a visual story of your life.  The book talks about why and how you should tell your story.   Suggestions for dealing with painful stories (the skeletons in the closet)    Ways to personalize and what you can do if you don’t have photos.

image of Show Me Your Story book available on Amazon

My book is available on Amazon as an ebook or in paperback format.   I would love to hear what you think and I would love to be able to add your reviews to these ones.

5.0 out of 5 stars Easy to follow instructions on how to get started on telling your story. By Amy
What a great idea. I never thought of telling my story this way. Now I’m off to collect all of my favorite photos and get some stories from my family.
5.0 out of 5 stars Creative approach to autobio  By Cecile
I love this book because it shows a fun and creative way of ‘writing’ about and for your family. In fact it’s not writing, but more a kind of scrapbooking. A mix of photograps, stories and documents. But in a very structured way.The author covers every subject of life, from (grand) parents to (grand) children. For every subject, e.g. your school years, she has a numer of questions for you to answer. And suggestions for where to look for photographs (if you don’t have any) or clip art. And tips, like e.g. to include images of icons of your generation.
There’s also advice on how to handle the skeleton in the closet.As we grow older, we get more interested in our family’s history. Unfortunately, by that time our parents may have died and many questions will remain unanswered.
This really is a great instruction manual on how to make the best ever present for your grown up children. I wish my mother had made me one…

 It is never to late or early to start and your story is important.



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  1. I wish your mother had made you one too. But a lot of those resources were probably not around when you were younger and if your mother is anything like me, she might not remember a lot of things once her kids are older. Congratulations to you for making that best ever present for your grown children.

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