Create A Portrait Look With Simple Backdrops

Sometimes you don’t want to show people in their environment with all their stuff.  Its easy to create a studio style portrait with a clean clutter free background without spending a lot of money on fancy backdrops.

This backdrop is just a blank neutral painted wall

image of child with a white wall as a backdrop

 But if you are like me and don’t have any blank or plain walls you can also create a backdrop wall.   Different fabrics and colors will give you different moods.  Dark backdrops are more formal and are more forgiving with poor lighting and harsh shadows.

This backdrop is a piece of fleece for making blankets and has a great texture,  you can also use the texture and color of your drapes.

fleece background

I hang drapes or fabric on a closet pole to use as my backdrop.   This backdrop is a black canvas curtain, I also use a tan canvas curtain for a lighter backdrop.

image of child with black canvas curtain backdrop

For a lighter backdrop I used a piece of white blanket fleece which I also put under the child.

child on white fleece

 A new backdrop idea I am using right now is textured wallpaper, one roll of paper can easily cover a wall section big enough to use.

baby in wash tub

For a temporary backdrop for parties etc., you can use a colorful plastic tablecloth taped to the wall.

image of child with halloween backdrop

 When you are taking portraits outside you can also be creative and get an interesting background by using brick walls.

image of couple with painted brick wall backdrop

The chainlink fence at the ball field also makes a great backdrop.

image of child with fence backdrop

 Be creative and use what you have, colorful quilts and textured blankets make great backdrops.



Create A Portrait Look With Simple Backdrops — 2 Comments

  1. Love the idea of using a closet rod and being able to change your backdrop at will.

  2. Bridget on said:

    Carol, I have tried many different options and this one is by far the easiest and you don’t have to worry about kids pulling it over. I also forgot to mention but you can get some really fun vintage material curtains at your local 2nd hand stores.

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