Decorating Your Home with Photos

image of photo as wall art

I love to decorate my home (home decorating is one of the  courses I have taken and not really done much with) and I do love art paintings but I think it is important to decorate your home with your own photos.

People no longer hang large family photos above the fireplace or have generational photo gallery walls.  The trend in decorating seems to be to remove all the personality and story of the family out of the home and replace it with commercial artwork that many times is not even very nice.

There are so many different ways to display family photos that tell your story and can blend with your decor.    You can add family photos and keep existing artwork in a room by using coordinating frames and colors to blend them together.

When you choose your photos think about the decor in the room as well, if you have a more modern clutter free space you will not want a table display with lots of photos in different frames, instead choose simple black frames with large white mats, convert your photos to black and white and hang in a simple  grouping.

Gold frames are more ornate and formal, chunky wood frames are more rustic and painted white frames are great for beach themes and shabby chic as well as kids rooms.

Large blown up photos will make a great statement in a room but you can also get a large collage frame for a group of small images.   Photo frames around a bulletin board or a wall hung coat or key rack will add some personality to a functional piece.  You can also put framed photos on a plate rack.  Be creative.

Check out my pinterest board for some more cool photo display ideas.








Decorating Your Home with Photos — 2 Comments

  1. I think if you’ve taken the decorating course and used any of the ideas or were influenced by what you learned, then you did use the course. Not everyone who attends the classes becomes a professional decorator, I don’t think.

    I appreciate your tips about using different picture frames. And the idea about photos in frames around a bulletin board is a good one. I may try that.

    Also, incorporating your flower image into that living room scene with your post looks really neat.

  2. Bridget on said:

    Carol you are probably right and the things I learned in those courses have been helpful in many areas. The bulletin board frames are one of my favorite too.

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