3 Photo Mistakes To Avoid

If you are telling your story with images  it is important  to  be ready to capture all the little moments of life.  Try to avoid making these 3 mistakes when taking your photos.

Mistake 1- Missing the moments because you left your camera at home.   I use a DSLR camera and since it is too big to just throw into my purse I don’t have it with me all the time so I  find myself missing photo opportunities.

Capturing the moments are more important than getting a perfect photo and you can take photos with your cellphone camera or have a small cheap light weight point and shoot camera that you can keep with you at all times.  This is a photo I took of my grandson with my  iphone, it is not the greatest photo but it captured the moment of him trying to play a full size drum set (he was so excited)

iphone image of boy playing drums

Mistake 2- Your Photos not having a focus. Have you ever looked at a photo and there was so much going on you couldn’t tell what the photo was supposed to be showing? Try to have a reason and a focus point to every photo you takes.

If you are taking a photo of your child playing at the park zoom in and take a close up of them on the swing, don’t just take a picture of the entire park with them just a dot in the image.

In this 1st picture of kids at the lake it is hard to tell who or what the subject of the photo is, is it the lake or one of the kids?

image of people swimming at the lake

In this next photo there is no doubt what or who the subject is, by zooming in the child becomes the focus of the image, but when showing the story you might want to include both views.

image of girl swimming in the lake

Mistake 3- Forgetting to enjoy the moment.  Capturing the moment is important but not if you are too busy with the camera and forget to enjoy the moment.

Live your life don’t just photograph it.  It is ok if you didn’t get the shot you wanted. If you forgot a photo of your child before you shared an ice cream and they got all dirty for the rest of the days photos,it’s ok.

The goal of photographing your life is to tell your story through images and if you aren’t living your story there will be nothing to photograph.


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