Taking Kids School Photos

Going Back to School or starting school is a big event for a kid and their parent.   When my kids were young I didn’t even think of having first day of school photos, I took photos at school plays, concerts etc. and I always bought the dreaded school mugshot photo on picture day.   I would have loved to be able to have some more school day photos like some of the creative ones people are taking now for the 1st day and last day of school.   Of course I am not sure if these photos would have happened even if I had thought to take them, I am not a morning person and getting the kids ready and to school was always a big stressful thing, and the biggest goal was to get there on time so there was no room to worry about photos.

My Granddaughter started school and I tried a few ideas that I saw on pinterest that I thought were really cute, we  staged these photos the day before school started so we could take the time and get the look we wanted.

image of kindergarten child sitting at old desk

In the above photo I used an antique desk and chair and spelled out kindergarten with wood blocks and added an apple.    Other ideas could be to have a stack of books, a globe, or a chalkboard with their grade the date and teacher and school names.

image of child 1st day of school

 There are so many creative ideas to capture your kids school memories but keep it simple and don’t add another stress to getting ready for school.

I have 4 children who are now adults but while they were kids school was such a huge part of our life and it takes so much time and energy to get your kids thru those years so I sympathize with all of you.   This is my youngest daughter (and siblings) who graduated from H.S in 2009. 


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