Taking Pictures of Baby from Birth to 6 Months

My youngest Granddaughter just turned 6 months and is just getting to the fun age for taking pictures because she smiles and sits up which makes it so much easier.  Most photography studios recommend a newborn picture,  6 months and 1 year but during that 6 months they change so drastically.   Even if you aren’t photo crazy like me and take pictures daily or weekly you should try to take a photo of baby each month so you can see the change, plus it makes it nice for family who may not see the baby all the time.  I like to take  hospital photos and then wait for a week or 2 for the newborn photos since their skin will have cleared up and they are more alert (I like newborn photos with baby awake)

The most important thing when taking photos of  baby is that you keep them safe and warm.   A bean bag chair or a pillow on the bed covered with a pretty blanket is the easiest way to do this.   Try to use soft or natural light as much as possible, a chair by the window works great, or even their baby chair out in the yard (in the shade).   Don’t try to get fancy with props at this age and get close so baby fills the whole frame and there is no unwanted elements in the background.

Here is our cute girl, she is changing so much and is such a chunky little thing but we are still waiting for hair.

image of newborn baby

2 weeks

image of newborn baby girl

1 month- she is wearing a dress I saved of her mom’s

image of baby girl in red dress

2 months

image of baby girl with head bow

3 months

image of baby girl

4 months

image of baby girl outside

5 months

image of baby girl sitting outside

6 months

image of baby girl in red

Here is a scrapbook page I created for her

image of psd quick scrapbook page

Click here to download the psd file for this 12×12 page



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  2. Your post is really good what you said is right as mentioned it’s good to take hospital pictures, as they are our most memorable once. And when we start taking pictures after 1 or 2 weeks’ time gap it shows us the difference. It’s true that baby’s growth has drastic impact during 6 months to 1 year, so always it’s the best time to preserve those wonderful moments.

  3. Born27 on said:

    She’s so adorable and cute! I love her photo in a red dress.. Thanks for sharing this beautiful photos.. Nicely done!

  4. Bettina on said:

    Oh.. Your baby is sooo adorable especially in her red polka dots! You’re so lucky to have this very cute little darling! Thanks for sharing your scrapbook idea…

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