Trip To The Grand Canyon Arizona

It is hard to find words to describe the Grand Canyon, it is not beautiful in the sense of a rose is beautiful, but it is grand and breathtaking and something everyone should see if they can.   We   spent 2 days there and it was not enough time to explore even a fraction of it so we will be going back again.   I made the hubby get up at 4:30 a.m. so we could go and photograph the sunrise (I am not a morning person) it was April and very cold even with a sweater and coat on.

After the sunset came up we went to have breakfast and thaw out.  We decided to drive to Williams and take the train ride to the Grand Canyon.   The train takes you to the south rim and we spent the time walking and looking at the different and constantly breathtaking vistas.  The bright midday sun created some cool shadows and made the rock face look very dramatic.

image of  the Grand Canyon Arizona

In the evening we drove back to the Canyon for sunset but we did not stop at a very good location and the cliffs were too high to see the sun going down but it was very cool seeing the changing colors on the rocks.



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