A 1st Time Visit To The Glitz of Las Vegas Nevada

When I lived in California I never visited Las Vegas Nevada.   I recently took my 1st trip there and I loved and hated it.

The things I loved about it was the incredible architecture of the hotels and all the food and entertainment choices.   The MGM Grand has a really fun lazy river pool and a great food court.

The things I hated about it was all the smut that they allow to be distributed on the streets and the heavy smoking in the casinos, and I also don’t think it is a very kid friendly environment and too many people take their children and have them out among the misbehaving adults till all hours of the night.   Also they have the craziest sidewalks and you can’t just cross the road (they want to keep people off the streets) so you have to walk up a ramp and go over a bridge to cross the road, it takes forever to walk down the strip so we tried the monorail which goes down the strip but it takes so long to walk from the stop thru the huge casinos to get back to the strip that you don’t really save any walking or time.

I did enjoy my trip and took a ton of photos.   The Glitz of Las Vegas is seen more at night but during the day you can still take photos of the great hotels and interiors.

image of the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas at night

The following image is the view of the strip from inside the paris tower (I really recommend you try this, the views are awesome and it is well worth the money)

view of the Las Vegas strip in the daytime

 We stayed at Excalibur and it is a nice hotel but if I go again I will stay at the Bellagio, it is more expensive but it is an amazing hotel.

image of Bellagio gardens

Here is one of my scrapbook pages, I usually don’t have many pics of myself in my albums but my cousin joined us in Vegas and she likes to take photos too.

view of las vegas psd scrapbook page

click here for psd file of the Las Vegas quick page (8.5 x 11)



A 1st Time Visit To The Glitz of Las Vegas Nevada — 3 Comments

  1. Born27 on said:

    I never been to Las Vegas but seeing the place through pictures, Vegas is truly an amazing place, especially during night time. I am so amazed with the lights of the buildings and in the streets. But what I don’t like about it is the corruption and the gambling.

  2. Holy moly those photos are AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing them with us. I really LOVE the one of the fountains. Beautiful!

  3. Bridget on said:

    thanks Heather, a little too much fun and sun makes it hard to concentrate on pics so I was glad they turned out

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