Taking Photos of the New Baby

We have just welcomed grandbaby #6.    This is a photo of my new granddaughter and her big brother.   The last two of our grandkids were little boys so this little girl is going to be spoiled.    There is something so different about little girls and of course all the pink and ribbons and lace you get to dress them in makes it a little more fun to dress them up for photos.   I love taking newborn photos,  babies look so different when they are newborns and since they sleep alot (usually) it is a great time to practice taking photos of babies, you can pose them and they usually keep right on sleeping.   When taking your photos of the new baby take photos of them with other family members, don’t forget siblings and grandparents.

image of a little boy holding his newborn sister

 I love this photo of  my grandson with his new sister,  he was so happy and excited when she was born.   Normally he looks at the camera and cheeses but he was so infatuated with his sister that he didn’t even look up when I took the picture.  This photo was taken  in the hospital,  the light wasn’t the best and I  only had the on camera flash so the light is a little harsh.    But memories are about capturing the moment more than having a technically perfect photo.

Do you get too concerned with your camera settings and miss the moment? Or do you cherish you photos even if people have red eye etc.



Taking Photos of the New Baby — 4 Comments

  1. You are right. That is such an adorable picture. Happiness to me is a picture that captures all those around and makes them feel the emotions of those in the photo itself such like the shot you shared above. Family is definitely on top of the list for what Happiness truly is for me as well. Thanks for the share. We need a little more shared happiness in this world.

  2. I think that image captures happiness beautifully. One that says happiness to me as well is a photo of my mother sitting outside and looking peacefully at the world around her.

  3. Bridget on said:

    I agree that photo would say happiness to me too, I love seeing photos of my mother looking peaceful

  4. Bridget on said:

    thanks Melanie, I agree we need to share more happiness which is why I love to share my photos because they make me happy

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