Photos of the Big Apple- New York City

I think everyone has a desire to visit the Big Apple (New York City) at least once in their life,  I had the opportunity to go as a band trip chaperone (not the best way to travel but that is another story) with my daughter.   I grew up in Toronto which is a very large city so I really wasn’t overly impressed with the city (it’s a dirty city compared to Toronto).   And we stayed in Jersey and had to cross into Manhattan every day (bad idea to save money) We went up into the Empire State building which had an amazing view but it was so cold.   We also went to listen to the  New York  Philharmonic, went to eat at Bubba Gumps (great food fun place) , toured Ellis Island and to went to see the statue of Liberty (but we didn’t have time to go up)

image of the view of New York from Jersey

image of the brooklyn bridge

My favorite part of the trip was sitting at an outdoor table at a restaurant on the pier and eating the best lobster bisque soup while enjoying the sunshine and the views in the peace and quiet as the kids were in the mall shopping.

image of the pier in New York City

image of the view from empire state building

image of the statue of liberty

New York does have some unique buildings and great food.   I would like to go back again (without school kids)  to see some shows and some more of the city.


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