Beach Vacation at Destin Beach Florida

Going to the beach is my favorite place to go on vacation.   We try to go to different beaches for a change of scenery but my favorite one is Destin Beach Florida.  Destin is on the Northwest Florida’s Gulf Coast, part of the beautiful Emerald Coast beaches.   Destin is a favorite of Tn. locals because of the shorter drive, beautiful beaches, quaint resort area and fewer crowds.

Bright sunlight is not usually the best time of day to take photos, but I love the way it makes the colors of the ocean and the sand look so vibrant

view of destin beach in Florida

 Storms rolling in can ruin your beach swimming fun but the dramatic clouds and crashing waves make great photos

image of the beach before the storm

 And no beach vacation photos are complete without a beautiful sunset shot.

image of sunset on the beach in Destin Florida



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