Places to visit and Photograph in Atlanta GA

Gone With the Wind is one of my favorite books and movies and I have always wanted to go visit the famous southern cities mentioned in the story. On my 1st visit to Atlanta GA, I was a bit surprised it was nothing like I imagined.  Atlanta is listed as one of the top 10 largest cities in the US and while it still retains much of it’s southern charm it is very much a large modern city.

image of downtown Atlanta GA

Even though Peachtree St. looks nothing like the mansion lined street in the Movie, it is still a great area full of big city architecture and the beauty of old Atlanta with some remaining historic homes and churches.

image of a church in Atlanta Ga
You can tour the beautiful Rhodes Hall Mansion built in 1904, the interior has an amazing staircase with stained glass windows.

image of Rhodes Hall in Atlanta

One of the best modern day things to visit in Atlanta is the Georgia Aquarium

image of the georgia aquarium in Atlanta

So even though this is no longer Scarlett’s Atlanta, it is still a really fun place to visit with lots of things to see and do.


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