Burgess Falls State Park

Nature is my 2nd favorite subject (after cute kids) and I live in the country so I am surrounded by nature’s beauty but I love going on nature walks in other places. I recently went to Burgess Falls and took some nature photos. If you are going on a photo walk I recommend going by yourself or with other photographers because in order to take good photos you need to walk slowly and look around and notice things and as fun as kids are they tend to be a bit of a distraction (unless of course you want to take photos of the kids in nature but that is another subject)
It is usually recommended that you take your tripod with you when you go out and take nature photos but I don’t like to hike with a lot of gear so I usually just take my camera and my favorite everyday lens (don’t forget your water).

Burgess Falls is a state park here in Tn. that is famous for its waterfalls so of course I took lots of photos of them. The light was really bright that day so I didn’t use a slower shutter speed to capture the water (the longer the shutter is open the more light on the image) When taking waterfall photos try different angles and do close ups and distance shots. Look for interesting light and sparkle on the water.


When you are at a place like Burgess Falls it is easy to think that the waterfall is the most important thing to take a photo of but so does everyone else so look around you for other interesting things to photograph.

These are a few other shots I took, I noticed some unique photo subjects just by looking around me and taking my time.  In the 1st shot I turned around and looked at the area opposite the waterfall, it was a very sunny day and windy which was causing a lot of water mist.   The 2nd image is a little stream waterfall along the path to the big waterfall and most people missed it in their rush to get to the big falls, and it was in the shade so I was able to take a photo with a slow shutter speed for a silky water effect





Burgess Falls State Park — 4 Comments

  1. Yes, I believe one of the best pieces of advice is to take your time like you said and try to picture the photo as it should be. I have a hard time with that, I always just want to snap the shot fast before anything has a chance to change and often I get pictures I really didn’t want to take.

    I love coming to your site. You have the most amazing photos of everything!! I can see why nature is a love of yours, you take such gorgeous pictures of the world around you. Truly a gift.

  2. Amazing shots. I need to slow down to see the beauty that you’ve been able to notice all around you.

  3. Karyn18 on said:

    Wonderful shots. It’s very outstanding. I love nature and i love how you expressed it. I actually agree with you, to take better photos is to take time looking around and see the best angle of it.

  4. Carla P. Shepard on said:

    Wow! Work of art! I love it. I hope I can do this too.

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