Don’t Trash the Wedding Dress

One of the newest trends in wedding photography is to trash the dress and take really creative photos while swimming with it on or laying in the mud and all kinds of crazy ideas, here is a better solution so you don’t have to trash the dress.

I don’t usually keep a lot of things and I only saved a few dresses that my daughters wore as babies, but I did save my wedding dress in case my girls wanted to get married in it.   Of course they didn’t but I really wish I had seen this idea when they were little.

Most little girls want to grow up to get married and be mommies and have a pretty house.  This is a creative photo idea to capture that dream and a new way to preserve mom’s wedding dress.  I wish I could take credit for this idea but I saw it online and just had to copy it.

I took this picture of my granddaughter in her mother’s wedding dress and even though I loved it in color (she has beautiful green eyes), I knew this image would look very classic in Black and White.

black and white image of a little girl in her mom's wedding dress

 Some other photo ideas could be to take a photo of your daughter holding a baby or of trying to bake in the kitchen. Try to find props to use and take a photo of something your little girl wants to be when she grows up.



Don’t Trash the Wedding Dress — 12 Comments

  1. This is a great idea! Beautiful little girl!

  2. Hey Bridget 🙂 I love this fb link. It loaded in about the same time as if I clicked on an email update from u and I didn’t hafta fill out my personal info. N just start typing. Much better :).
    Doesn’t ur digital camera have a color/b+w/sepia setting on it? U could shoot it both ways right away. Even my poor 5 megapixel Crackberry does that.
    I also like experimenting with the different settings on something like a cellphone camera. I have gotten misty,muted,b+w with pastel accents, warped images etc. From combining camera settings and techniques. Check out my fb page, go to “albums” and view “Warped Light” and keep looking thru that lens, in new ways!

  3. What a gorgeous photo. I love the soft lighting, the use of her mother’s wedding dress, and the beautiful expression on the little girl’s face. Nice job!

  4. Bridget on said:

    thanks Dave, I don’t think my camera has that setting. Cool album, being creative is one thing I need to work on more.

  5. Bridget on said:

    thanks Pam, it was a fun photo to take too

  6. Bridget on said:

    Thanks Melissa, she was a perfect little model and easy to work with

  7. A lot of creativity is “happy accidents” that are a result of curiosity and experimentation 😉

  8. Very nice! Although I know it helps to have a beautiful model, you still need a photographer’s eye – which you definitely have.

  9. Bridget on said:

    thanks Carol

  10. Dawn0977 on said:

    Hello Bridget!
    Black and white photo looks so classic yet elegant. Your model looks so pretty! This little girl here has a big potential in modelling too!

  11. Bridget on said:

    Dawn, thank you, she is a pretty girl

  12. Carla P. Shepard on said:

    She’s so cute! Black and white pictures still cool to look at.

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