Choosing Posed Or Candid Images To Tell The Story

Candid looks are becoming much more popular than the posed more formal images, even wedding photographers and portrait studios are doing more of a candid style.   People are much more relaxed when they are not being posed  so you get more natural expressions.  Many people like posed images because they can have more of an artistic creative feel.

Most of the images I take are candid shots,  kids playing and enjoying themselves.   Candid images  tell more of a story and capture  the emotion which is not as easy to do with a posed image.    It is much easier to get a relaxed smile on a child and not  the “cheese”  face if you capture their natural smiles while they play.

There are times when I see a cute shot that I want to try to copy or I have an idea of a posed shot that I want to do so then comes the fun part of getting the child to try to follow directions and pose the way you want them.      These are some posed shots that I did of my grandsons doing some  valentine’s day photos and they both decided to pose so nicely and let me get the image I wanted (which is rare)

image of little boy holding a valentine sign

image of little boy waiting for a valentine kiss


Choosing Posed Or Candid Images To Tell The Story — 4 Comments

  1. YnnaRada on said:

    What a cute kids we have here! i like both the photos and posed. For me you capture the perfect angle of the kids. I really like the concept and the idea of candid shots. Thanks for sharing this and keep up the good work.

  2. Bridget on said:

    Ynna thanks, I like both styles too

  3. Karyn18 on said:

    That little boy is so cute! I love this photo which he’s pouting his lips! Your grandson has a potential to be a model when he grow up! Kudos to you Bridget!

  4. Bridget on said:

    Thanks Karyn, he is a character and loves to pose for a camera

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