Taking great Pet Pictures

I don’t take very many photos of animals but I do usually take at least one of the family pet.   We have gone thru a lot of different pets over the years, indoor dogs, outdoor dogs, cats, lizards etc.,  my favorite pets are fish because they make the least amount of mess.   I use to be a big cat person but they bother my allergies so we only have barn cats right now.   Some of my favorite pet pictures are of kittens.   I think this is one of my favorites.

image of a kitten

orange kitten

Taking a picture of a kitten is almost like taking a picture of a 2 year old child, it is almost impossible to make either one of them sit still and pose.   This picture the kitten looks like he is posing but he actually got stuck in the rocks, he wasn’t hurt and barely stuck  so it was a perfect opportunity to get a great picture.   To take great pet pictures you have to have lots of patience and a little luck, with this shot I got down on my knees so I could be more at his eye level.   When taking pictures of pets outside in the natural light  you don’t get those scary  glare looking eyes on your pet.   If you want to take pictures of an indoor animal just place them near a window so you have lots of light and can take a picture without the flash, the flash is what causes the glare eyes sort of like a red eye with people.


Pets don’t like to pose anymore than small children do so it is best to catch them while they are playing or just relaxing, be ready to take the shot and call your pets name so they look at you.    Your pet will look their best and show more personality if you focus on their eyes.

If you are trying to taking pet pictures for Christmas try putting them in a wrapped box or let them play with ribbons or plastic balls.   A kitten sleeping in a large stocking or Santa hat makes a cute photo.    Have fun  be creative and take your time when taking your pet pictures.



Taking great Pet Pictures — 4 Comments

  1. Awwww! Such an adorable little kitten.

  2. Hi Bridget, I love the picture of the little kitty. So cute. I had my little female cat fixed last Friday and she seems so sad.I guess she is still sore but she won’t come out of the closet I have even been having to take her food and water. I just hope that she can forgive me. I miss her. Your pictures are always so great.

    Gail J Richardson

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