Framing Your Photos as You Take Them

Instead of adding a frame to a photo while you are creating a scrapbook page try this fun portrait idea.    Look for objects to use that will create a frame around your people.   You may have taken photos where you try to find foreground objects that help to visually frame your scene but take this idea even more literally and look for objects that can be used as a frame.   The kids think this is a really fun game to try to find objects to sit in.

I took this photo of my granddaughter using a tire as a frame.   There are many objects that can be used as a frame, just look around you for things that have a typical frame shape (circles, squares etc.)  that your subject can safely put their head of body through.     You can also just have them hold an empty picture frame for a fun framed photo.

image of a girl framed by a tire

boy at the playground boy in tunnel


Framing Your Photos as You Take Them — 4 Comments

  1. She’s cute! Nice use of the frame 🙂

  2. Such a great moment of childhood you captured!

  3. What a great idea! Love it!

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