Tell The Story Of Where You Were Born

Where you were born is a huge part of who you are and has helped shape your life so it is important to add it to the story of your life even if you only lived there for a short while. I was born and raised in Toronto but I have never written a post on Toronto or added any of my numerous photos of my home town. Well, home town is probably not the right words to describe Toronto with a population of 2.5 million people and the greater Toronto area has a population of 5.5 million,  it is the largest city in Canada located in Southern Ontario on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. Wikipedia has a very interesting article about Toronto if you are interested in reading more about this city. I am a big city girl at heart and while I love the beauty of the South, I sometimes miss the energy of Toronto.

I have visited my city of birth almost once a year since I moved away so I have had lots of opportunity to take all the tourist images I didn’t take while I lived there. There are so many things to do and see in Toronto and even after all these years I still have not completely explored this exciting City.

Here are a few images of some of my favorite places in Toronto.  The famous Toronto’s CN Tower, the view from this landmark is amazing and well worth the long ride up the tower, but it is a little pricey.

image of the Toronto skyline with the CN Tower

 Casa Loma is a real, fully decorated castle that you can tour, it is located  in the heart of the city with great views from the tower, beautiful rooms and gardens to explore.   This is one of my favorite places to visit and I have been there many times.

image of Casa Loma in Toronto

If you are interested in Museums Toronto has a lot, there is a science museum, Art Gallery and my favorite the Royal Ontario Museum or ROM for short .  Even the building of the ROM is amazing.

image of ceiling inside the ROM

Toronto’s downtown is full of great shopping (the famous Eaton’s Centre) and lots of places to eat, and what I love is the architecture, Toronto is one of those cities that is very modern but they have kept their old historic buildings and the city is such a mix of the old and new.

image of buildings in Toronto

Toronto is also full of beautiful parks, unique neighborhoods, and lots to see and do on the shores of Lake Ontario.

If you have never been to this beautiful City I would suggest a visit.   And if you are too overwhelmed to drive with all those people (but they do have a very good highway system) the public transportation is clean and safe and will get you anywhere you need to go.

image of a Toronto subway station

 This is one of  my scrapbook pages, for my background  I created a map in google using the directions to get from my new home town to Toronto

image of scrapbook page with map




Tell The Story Of Where You Were Born — 3 Comments

  1. Having grown up in the city of Toronto as well, I can agree with you that it does have some great architecture. It also has excellent places to go for pleasure such as The Exhibition Center(CNE for short) which I always loved going every year with my grandpa. Casa Loma is a great place to visit and I think most everyone loves a great big castle to check out and spend hours in awe.

    But, there comes a time when the hustle and bustle can become too much to live in every day, so for me, going back to visit once a month is often enough. I do second the recommendation that anyone who has not gone to visit this city, really needs to take some time to go. It is definitely worth the trip.

  2. Bridget on said:

    Melanie, I agree the hustle and bustle does get a little crazy and I am not sure if I could go back to living there. The CNE and Ontario Place are 2 other places that I have always loved to go too.

  3. While I grew up one hour outside the city of Toronto, and also ended up moving to a lovely small town in the U.S., I still LOVE Toronto. I’ve been to many large cities since and Toronto is the only one that I could say is truly livable. Summerhill, High Park, St. Lawrence. Forest Hill, Little Italy, Queen’s Quay, the Film Festival area…all are wonderfully unique and beautiful areas of home – Toronto.

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