Trip to Gulf Shores Alabama

Do you enjoy going to the Beach? I do, it is one of my favorite places, I love the warm breezes, the sound of the water and the colors. We try to visit different beaches, this time we went to Gulf Shores Alabama.   We went in the off season and it was still warm but the beaches were almost empty.

image of the beach at Gulf Shores Alabama

It can be very frustrating trying to get your beach photos to capture the beauty you see, the bright sun against the water and the sand is so intense. The best time of day to take your beach photos is in the morning and early evening when the light is not so harsh and there are usually less crowds during these times as well. If you do get an overcast rainy day, they aren’t much fun for beach play but perfect for taking beach photos.

 This photo of my grandson was taken in the middle of the day, the light is so intense that it is hard to see detail in his face.

image of child playing in the sand
This next photo was taken in the early evening after the sun started going down, no more harsh light and now you can see his face more clearly (he was not being a very willing model and did not want to look at the camera)

image of child sitting on the beach

Another problem you may have with your beach photos is they can be a bit boring with the wide expanse of ocean, sky and sand they can just look like three bands of color in a photo. You need to add some interest to the photo, which is why stormy days are awesome  because there are clouds and dramatic waves to add interest. But if the day is calm and there are no clouds look for a focal point to add some visual interest to your beach scene such as a ship in the water or a bird flying by.

image of the beach at Gulf Shores Alabama at sunset

When taking your beach photos remember you are documenting your vacation not just the beauty of the beach, take a close up of your kid’s sand castle or their footprints in the sand.

image of sand castle at the beach

Take photos of kids playing in the sand and splashing in the waves not just posed photos of them sitting on the beach.  Tell a story with your photos,  for example on this day the waves were too high for much swimming but people still enjoyed being at the beach.

image of people watching the waves at Gulf Shores Alabama

When you are taking your posed photo of your loved ones sitting on the beach, the people are the subject,  don’t have them sit by the water and you stand way back to get everything in, you will end up with a photo of the beach with little unrecognizable people in the photo, have them stand or sit close to the camera with the beach in the background.

image of mother and son on the beach

  image of sunset on the beach at Gulf Shores

 A few more things to remember, be careful not to get sand or moisture in or on your camera, and try to keep your horizon straight.

This is a quick digital scrapbook page I made using a larger photo as my background.

image of gulf shores scrapbook page

 p.s click here for the psd file to download the free quick page for this scrapbook layout




Trip to Gulf Shores Alabama — 5 Comments

  1. Wonderful tips, Bridget. I take a lot of photos around the lake and end up with mostly water and sky. I’ll be able to try something different now. Thanks loads.

  2. Bridget on said:

    thanks Eleanor these tips will work just as well with a lake, using a nice tree in your foreground to frame the lake can also add some interest

  3. Wow! Great site Bridget!! I’ve been taking photos as a hobby my whole life, starting as a boy when somehow I got my hands on a roll of film and made a camera out of a shobox. I have devoured every article I can find on the subject and I have to say that your advice is bang on!
    Your skills as a photographer And as a site builder have both improved dramatically since I first started subscribing to your updates.
    I highly recomend this site to anyone learning photography. Keep up the good work Bridget :).
    Sincerely, Dave Baer.

  4. Bridget on said:

    Dave, thanks so much for the compliments. I enjoy sharing my love of photography with people and am very glad you enjoy my site.

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