Visiting beautiful flower Gardens

I love flowers, I like the scent, shapes and colors, but I am not a very good gardener so I try to visit public flower gardens in places that I visit.

Taking pictures of flowers is a great way to practice your photo skills, unless it is windy they will sit in one spot and let you practice for hours.   You can learn how to control your depth of field (this is what makes the background detailed or fuzzy) and try different compositions.   You don’t have to have a macro lens (they take really amazing closeups and I do want one) you can take some really great images with any camera or lens you have.   Get as close as you can and try to capture the details about each unique flower.

I have taken a lot of flower images,  here are some of my favorite

image of a crabapple bloosom

image of a wisteria flower


image of a pink flower tree

  Going to garden shows is also another place to see a lot of different flowers but sometimes the lighting is not very good.   For the best results take your flower photos outside in natural light.   When I get a bunch of flowers from the hubby (rare but it happens once in a while)   I take them outside to photograph.

Another one of my favorite things to watch are butterflies, probably since they are often on the flowers I am taking photos of. Butterflies are the only kind of bug that I can even imagine taking a photo of, their colors are so beautiful. They fly quickly and it is hard to get near them. In order to take photos you need to have a zoom lens so you don’t have to get too close and have lots of patience, they don’t seem to stay still. I find it easier to take a shot when they have landed on a flower. Going to a butterfly house will give you the opportunity to practice with a lot of butterflies and flowers. Here are a few butterfly images I have taken.

image of a butterfly on an orange flower

image of a butterfly on a pink flower

This is actually a moth, not a butterfly but it had beautiful colors.

image of a colorful moth

Like the old saying goes “stop and smell the flowers” but also stop and photograph the flowers.



Visiting beautiful flower Gardens — 5 Comments

  1. I love carnations too but lilacs I would have to say are my ultimate favorite. They too only bloom around Mother’s Day and I believe once again around the end of July or so. I would love a giant lilac bush in my back yard so I could open my window and smell them every day they are here!

    These are such beautiful photos of various flowers and though I do not know what they all are, I like the pink flowers you have posted. So soft and pretty looking.

    Keep taking those great looking pictures!

  2. My favorite flowers are lilacs although their growing season is way too short. Can you grow lilac bushes down there? What are the names of the different flowers you have pictures of on this page? Right now I have baskets of impatience and geraniums hanging outside. Hopefully they won’t drown with all the rain we’ve had – that’s if the cold doesn’t get them:)

  3. Bridget on said:

    Melanie, I like lilacs too, but I do think their scent is much prettier than the flowers

  4. Bridget on said:

    Carol, I have a lilac bush but it doesn’t seem to grow very well, I am not sure if it is the location or if they don’t grow well here. The 1st and 4th photo are of crab apple blossoms, 2nd one is Wisteria, 3rd. a rose and the last one is a Tulip

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