Seeing The World In Photos

Do you see the world in photos?   When I look at things I see how it would make a photo even when I don’t have my camera.   Changing how you look at things and noticing what is around you will help you learn how to take photos better.  Being able to see everything as a photo is a very helpful skill to learn.  If you don’t see things as a photo you can practice looking  at individual objects and try not to just see everything together.   Become more observant with things around you, notice shapes, color and light.   Being able to see light and the effect it has on a subject is an important part of seeing photos.  Light can have the biggest impact on a photo and is one of the hardest things to learn to see and use well.   This area takes more practice and skill but  you can easily take better photos by simply changing how you see  objects.

Everything can have the potential to be a photo.   For example what would you see if you saw a block wall at the lake shore?  Do you see something ugly among  natures beauty, or not notice it at all?  Would you think of it as a photo opportunity?

image of a block dock at the lake

This makes a decent picture,  but what if you changed the way you looked at the wall?

Look at the object on its own, how about using it as a  textural backdrop for a portrait?

image of a little boy sitting against a block wall

Changing how you see things around you allows you to be more creative when taking photos.



Seeing The World In Photos — 2 Comments

  1. Now you have to admit that the stone wall would not have been such a great photo if it didn’t have such a photogenic child in front of it!

  2. Bridget on said:

    Carol, that is true, but the stone had great colors and texture

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