Tell The Stories Behind The Image

Do you get frustrated when you are trying to take a child’s photo and they are not in the mood and refuse to look at the camera?   There are some kids that are like this all the time like my oldest grandson, so to get pics of him I  have to catch him when he is busy with other things.  But there are also those kids who love the camera and getting their photo taken, and it is so frustrating when this type of child decides he doesn’t want his photo taken.    Instead of giving up and putting the camera away see if you can capture a story of what is going on  and why your normal camera loving child doesn’t want their photo taken.

This is a photo of  my Grandson trying to take off his dress shirt, we had dressed him up for his 2nd birthday party and he didn’t want to wear that shirt he wanted to wear his Thomas shirt.   He didn’t want his picture taken with that shirt on and he turned his back on the camera and tried to take it off by himself.

image of little boy with his back to the camera

In this photo it looks like a boy just lying on the grass looking at the sky but grandson is really having a quiet sulk.boy in the grass










Be creative and experiment with different views to tell your story, remember not all photos need a face to tell a story.



Tell The Stories Behind The Image — 4 Comments

  1. Cute picture! Those little ones can be stubborn can’t they? Cute little towhead, love those curls!

  2. He is still cute even with his back to the camera. Looks like he has a bit of attitude too:)

  3. Bridget on said:

    Ali thanks, he is very stubborn and too cute for his own good

  4. Bridget on said:

    Carol, he has major attitude

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